My Team consists of students, clients, employees and most importantly, friends. These people are my biggest fans and support group. They have my back through thick and thin. They make my job enjoyable and fun! There is never any drama here, they all get along and support each other. Words cannot express how appreciative I am of them on a daily basis. We not only support each other at the barn, but outside of horses as well. I am very fortunate to have these people in my life and proud to say they are all in some way part of the Hidden Acres Dressage Team!

Omar and Delia Guerrero

Omar and Delia have been at Hidden Acres Dressage since 2010. They are the most hard working, responsible and loyal people I have ever met. They have become part of my family and I not only trust them with my animals, but my son as well. I know when I have to leave town for a horse show, my farm will be well taken care of and the animals are in the best of hands. I have the utmost appreciation for them and they are an invaluable part of my team.

Bernardo and Gigi Vergara

I met Bernardo and Gigi in 2002. Both are as genuine as they come! Bernardo is a highly skilled craftsman with ingenious ideas about always improving his product and Gigi, a sharp business woman with endless knowledge of saddles to keep Bernardo in check! They are the perfect pair! They have been the most supportive of me and my business in many, many ways. I value their opinions both on and off the horse. Bernardo is responsible for many of the wonderful connections I have made in the horse world both equine and people, all are building blocks for making me the rider I am today. Bernardo and Gigi are like family to me, my husband and my son and we are forever grateful for having their support!

Peggy Funk

Peggy has been a student and a friend since 2005. She is my show buddy! She loves to show as much as I do! She is hard working and extremely dedicated to her horse and her riding education, as she travels 4 hours, 5 days a week to ride her horse! She has earned her USDF Bronze and Silver Medals under my tutelage on different horses over the years. What I admire the most about Peggy is that at the end of the day, whether a good or bad ride, she is still able to have enjoy and have fun. I am very proud of her and I hope to be able to help her earn her Gold Medal one day! We have many laughs and great memories on the road together and if it wasn't for her, I would not be able to show and bring my son along. She makes it all possible!

Aimee Greer

Aim has been a student and friend since 2006. She was an event rider to start and strives to be an FEI dressage rider. After some unfortunate set backs with her last equine partner, I was finally able to help her get closer to reaching her goals by finding a FEI schoolmaster for her! She is hard working and dedicated to the sport. She tries to take in as much as possible and learn from the various clinicians we have hosted. I can't wait to see her in the show ring wearing her tails! I am determined to get her there!

Cori Zivojnvich

Cori has been a student and a friend since 2009. She is strong willed and determined! When I met her, she had a severe fear of cantering her horse. Her recent purchase of a pony has changed her riding and confidence. She now canters all over the place and even has an itch to show and have fun with the rest of the group! Recently, just putting her first schooling show under her belt she realized how fun it is and we are happy to have her join the competitive, but relaxed show atmosphere with the team!

Alina Velez

Alina has been a student and friend since 2009. She is very dedicated to her riding and her horse. She has a young mare that together we have trained through the lower levels and knocking on the door to PSG. Alina has done a wonderful job with her mare and she hopes to make it to the FEI with her. She is well on her way!

Gina Durfee

Gina has been a student and friend since 2006. She was introduced to me through Aim Greer. I have helped her over the years with a few different horses. She has a great string of fun horses to ride. Her recent purchase of Dionysious is one that I am very excited about! He came to me as a 6 year old with just an understanding of the basics. In less than one years time, Dio has shown his talent as a future FEI dressage horse. I am very excited for the next upcoming show season!

Suzanne McCarthy

Suzanne and I met in 2009 as I found myself in her barn looking at a troubled GP horse she had for sale for a client of mine. As the horse was not suitable for my client, I offered to take a chance on him for a few months to see if I could salvage him for her. A few months turned into a year as I loved the horse dearly, but could not seem to "rekindle" his interest in dressage. During that year I developed a close friendship with Suzanne. She is another hard working woman, mother of two and dedicated to the sport of dressage. She too deserves to have a good horse! Her mare Lola has definitely come through for her after a tragic colic leading to surgery a few years ago, it is a miracle Lola is still with us today. Suzanne is getting closer to showing Lola in the PSG and I am so happy for them both!